«Fairytale characters»

Shaitan – a small devil, who commits evil deed and makes people quarrel.

Ubyly Karchyk – an old witch, who lives in the depths of the forest.

Batyr – a young man famous for his strength and wit. He always defeats evil forces.

Takhir and Zukhra – a young couple in love. Zukhra is a daughter of padishah (king) and Takhir is a son of vizier (minister). Padishah is against the marriage of Takhir and Zukhra, and lovers keep their relations in secret. But soon padishah finds out the true and decides to execute Takhir. Zukhra begs her father for mercy, but he gets angry and orders to execute both of them.

Altynchach – a princess with golden hair, the youngest daughter of king. After death of her father and all the male warriors, she with help of 40 women defended her homeland from Mongols.

Shurale – a spirit of the forests, wood-goblin. His favorite entertainment is to tickle people to death.

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