«Information for Visitors»

  1.  The program takes place in winter so it is important to consider weather conditions when choosing clothes. Requirements for clothes: comfortable and warm shoes, winter jackets, cap and mittens. Change clothes for children are obligatory. Heeled shoes are forbidden.
  1. Rules of conduct on the bus:

DO NOT walk on the bus during the trip.

Seat belts must be fastened during the entire trip.

Keep the bus clean, do not litter.

Drinking alcohol in the bus is PROHIBITED.

  1. Program may be canceled because of severe weather conditions and frost below 40 degrees.

Rules for groups

  • Group consists of 10 or more people.
  • The group must be accompanied by head of the group.
  • The child is allowed in the Residence accompanied by head of the group. If you want to go with you child, you have to buy a ticket to the Residence.
  • Without the accompaniment of the fairytale character (a representative of the company) the group is not allowed to the Residence. Groups are met by Shaitan, Altynchach, Batyr.
  • The head of the group is responsible for the behavior and compliance with the rules of the Residences.

Rules of visiting the territory of the Residence

  • Visiting the Residence in alcohol and drug intoxication is FORBIDDEN.
  • Visiting the Residence with pets is FORBIDDEN.
  • DO NOT harm the green areas on the territory.
  • DO NOT break the furniture and wooden construction of the Residence.
  • DO NOT touch the wooden sculptures, DO NOT climb on them.
  • DO NOT climb the monument of Gabdulla Tukai.
  • Keep clean in the restroom.
  • DO NOT litter

Violating the rules entails administrative liability according to the law of the Russian Federation.


For the quality of extra services (launch, horse riding, ice-skating) “Travel and Work” company is NOT responsible.