Stacey Graves said Monday that the investigation

Stacey Graves said Monday that the investigation is ongoing.»This is not an incident we take lightly,» Graves said. «Detectives have reached out to the community and members of the school district in the course of this investigation to learn as much as they can about what occurred and may have led up to the assault and they are still doing that today.»The boy says he was walking home from East High School when two teens he didn know began to follow him.According to the police report, the boy said he made it the front porch of his home on Quincy Avenue when one suspect physically barred him from entering. The second suspect grabbed a red gallon gasoline can and said, «This is what you get.»The second teen then used a light to ignite the gasoline, which «produced a large fireball burning the face and hair» of the victim, according to a Kansas City Police Department report.Other media outlets have reported that one of the suspects said, «You get what you deserve, white boy.»That was not in the police report, and the boy mother had spoken publicly with KCTV5 before Monday.

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