MN The drivers were identified

Nodine, MN The drivers were identified Wednesday as Michael R. Kalvig, 47 of Glenville, Minnesota. The other driver was Abdulhafiz U. Many of us proudly boast that we’ve sent our kids to integrated schools, ignorant of the fact that the African American percentage of the population has declined from 30% to 10% or maybe even by some counts to 6%. The only reason our schools are at all diverse is that grandmothers in South and West Berkeley wink at filling out forms which say that their brown skinned grandkids live here with them instead of in Oakland or Richmond or Antioch or San Leandro. And why shouldn’t they? Meanwhile Berkeley has sprouted a vigorous crop of vigilantes eager to prove with bedchecks that these kids actually go home to Mom’s house in the cheaper suburbs at night..

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Cheap Snapbacks Mawson currently works two weeks on site and then has two weeks off (home base for her is Saskatoon). When on site, she works 12 hour shifts, seven days a week. The work is innovative, challenging and, at times, stressful. Antigonishers wanting to take in a concert by popular Mabou, Cape Breton musical talent Jimmy Rankin, in mid December, have the choice of a short drive east or west. Rankin will be in New Glasgow, Dec. 16 at Glasgow Square, and the following night he’ll take the stage in Port Hawkesbury, at the Bear Head Conference Room in the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre Cheap Snapbacks.

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