In Minnesota

In Minnesota, I built my game story about McCarthy’s decision to play it close to the vest on the final three plays. He needed one first down and didn’t get it. He ran twice against a heck of a run defense. This development shifted the core of Cookeville’s retail shopping to the west side of town, when many said it could never be done. Mr. Shreckengost had a reputation for being honest and direct, and his vision for the possibilities of growth in the region served him well as a member of theBangham Utility Water District for several decades.

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Apparently there was a cricket final on Saturday. Sussex v Hants, featuring players who you’ve not really heard of. County cricket’s finals used to be a thing of national interest, now it’s cricket’s equivalent of the FA Vase really important to a bunch of local enthusiasts but a matter of complete indifference to most of us..

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