«Yana Kyrlai village»

The Residence of Kysh Babay and Kar Kyzy is situated in the most fairy-like nook of Tatarstan – in Yana Kyrlai village in Arsk area.  Hilly fields and virgin forests make up a picturesque view.

The history of Arsk area is rooted in times of Kazan Khanate. At that time Arsk was one of the main towns of the Khanate. Many years inhabitants of this area celebrate New Year and make a great holiday in honor of Kysh Babay.

In Yana Kyrlai spent his childhood great Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukai, who is known as «Tatar Pushkin». So this village keeps traditions, culture and history of tatar nation.

Escape from the city rush and relax in the lap of nature in Yana Kyrlai village.

You can apply for visiting the Residence here.